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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

March Faves 2013 and April Predictions 2013

Ok, so if you are like any person that has a life then you probably like to go on YouTube. So I have seen these videos like March faves or Feb Faves. Since I am a girl and mostly girls do this then I thought I would do this!!!!  Enjoy!!

I really loved my rings and bracelets last month. I wore my bracelets and ring not that often before but last month I could stop wearing them! So, I guess it has also moved into April because I can't take them off still!

I also liked this lotion my mom got me called Cerave. This helps with things like super dry skin, or if you are like me and have little bumps on your arms (trust me they are not goosebumps) it helps.

I was like a sleep machine last month. I just couldn't stop sleeping. I really liked to sleep last month as you can see.

Something that A LOT of girls at my school were doing was leggings and a baggy shirt. So I was naturally doing this too! I would wear my hot pink Peanuts shirt with my jet black leggings. Man, was it comfy!!

I had many more faves but I would like to take the time to predict what I think I am going to like this month, April.

I think I will still be big on everything listed above. Something that I have been doing every morning this month is, having a nice warm drink, like a French Vanilla Coffee or a Cafe Vanilla. For clothing and makeup I think that I will be getting up earlier to look better, and pack a better lunch. Finally, I set a goal at the end of each month and this month's goal is:

To earn my own money and be more responsible!

Comment what your faves of March were or email them to me at

Bye for now Cuties!!


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